A Handful of Summer Diffuser Blends

A Handful of Summer Diffuser Blends

Nothing beats a hot summer afternoon. Lazing around, without a care in the world. Want to add to that perfection, try one of these blends in your diffuser. Guaranteed to make your home smell great, and help you relax even more. One of my favorites is the Sunshine Blend. It smells so sweet. It’s fabulous!! Whether you want to get whisked away to Paradise, or it’s time to Snuggle Up. These diffuser blends have you covered.

Summer Diffuser Blends

If you try one of these, I’d love to here what you think. What is your favorite combination to put in your diffuser?

What is the Product of the Month Club?

What is doTERRA’s Product of the Month Club?

dōTERRA’s Product of the Month program helps you save on your overall product costs and is extremely simple to take part in.

doTERRA's Product of the Month Club

Here is how it works:

1. Place your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order totalling 125 PV or more.

2. Make sure it is scheduled to ship on or before the 15th of each month, and your order will include a free product!

If you’re wondering what the heck a PV is click here
Want to know more about the Loyalty Rewards Program – click here

It’s that simple! Just make sure your Loyalty Rewards Program order is 125pv or more, and shipped before the 15th of the month and you will receive the Product of the Month!!


What the heck is a PV?

What is a doTERRA PV?

PV? LRP? OV? What does this all mean?

All of these acronyms can be quite confusing if you’re not sure what they mean. Let’s break it down for you. doTERRA™ gives all of their products a Point Value ~ A PV. See below, a 15ml bottle of Lavender has a PV of 22.50.

lavender pv

When you are placing your order, these points are added up, and may help you qualify to earn free products.  doTERRA often has a 200pv promo running. If you place an order that totals 200 points or more, you will earn the free product. (Frankincense is often given away in a 200pv promo in December!)

Below is a snippet of my order last month. The area highlighted grey shows you the Total Volume or Point Value of the items I ordered. Now doTERRA bases their Point Value for the products based on the oils that are in them, so not all products have a Point Value, and some products the Point Value will be much less than the cost. If you are ordering oils, the PV will be almost equal to the dollar amount.

monthly order


As you can see, my Total Volume is more than 200pv, and that was done on purpose on my part, because there was a 200pv promo.  I received the products highlighted in red for FREE!!

If you are enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program, your monthly PV total is what will keep you at your current earn-back level, it will allow you to earn commissions, and qualify you to earn free products. To learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program click here.

OV refers to the Overall Volume of your team.  When you enroll someone, their PV is added to yours to create your OV. If you are building a business with doTERRA your OV helps you gain rank, and earn higher commissions. More about that in another post!

I hope I’ve been able to clear the fog. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!

I’ve Enrolled with doTERRA…Now What?

I've enrolled with doTERRA, now what?

I want to personally thank you for choosing to become a part of doTERRA™. I know these products have changed the way I take care of myself and my family. I am excited for you to try the products you’ve ordered.

Once your order is placed, you should receive your products within a week.  In the meantime you should receive an email from head office outlining the basics of what this awesome company has to offer.  You may also choose to contact the person who enrolled you and ask them questions, I assure you they will be more than happy to help you.

You may also want to log into your back office and have a look around.  Contact the person who enrolled you for your Wellness Associate Number and your password.

doTERRA Back Office

In your dōTERRA back-office, you can:

Here are some other resources to check out.

Changing Lives  ~ Drop by Drop Facebook Group– join our team on facebook!
Modern Essentials  – reference book for oils and ailment protocols
Emotions & Essential Oils – emotional and spiritual purpose of each oil
AromaTools.com – books, rollers, spray bottles, sample vials and business tools
doTERRA’s Youtube Channel – tons of videos on how to use the oils, how they are grown, and co-impact sourcing
www.doterra.com – a wealth of information at your fingertips, from detailed information on all the products, the science behind the oils, product promotions, company incentive trips, to DIY recipes.


With your wholesale membership you are also given your own doTERRA website! You are able to manage your website from your back office on the website tab.

Your website can be found at www.mydoterra.com/yourfirstnameyourlastname
ie: www.mydoterra.com/sarahstruss

If you find yourself sharing these oils with friends and family, you can direct them there to look at the different products and make purchases.

Loyalty Rewards Program – What does your monthly order do for you?

doTERRA™ gives us the opportunity to participate in their Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). It is completely optional but highly recommended. If you want to purchase products the most cost effective way, a monthly LRP order is the way to go!

This program allows us to receive FREE products, earn commission, and accumulate points to be redeemed for FREE products.  One of the benefits of the Loyalty Rewards Program is that you get your shipping costs back in points, to be used for more FREE product!

Scroll down for the FAQ…

doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to join the Loyalty Reward Program?
Absolutely not! The Loyalty Rewards Program is completely optional.

Does it cost anything to join the Loyalty Reward Program?
Absolutely not! The Loyalty Rewards Program is free.

Why should I join? What’s in it for me?
When you join the Loyalty Rewards Program you will earn points based on each monthly order you place. These points can be used to order products for free.  You will also earn 100% of your shipping costs back in points.  This alone is reason enough to join. FREE SHIPPING!!

Can I change what I order each month?
Yes!! Please do that! What you order each month is entirely up to you. I suggest changing it sooner rather than later so you don’t accidentally receive the same order two times in a row.

What if I don’t need anything this month, do I still have to place an order?
Yes, you will have to place an order. What I suggest is that you replace something in your house that you buy at the store.  Maybe it’s your toothpaste, or your shampoo and conditioner.  If you want to keep your order to a minimal cost, the cheapest product is the Lip Balm. It is amazing and will keep your order under $15 for the month.

What if I want to quit the Loyalty Reward Program?
In order to opt-out of the Loyalty Rewards Program, you will have to call doTERRA at 800-411-8151.

How do I redeem my points?
Your points can be redeemed in your back office.  Once you place the items in your cart you will have the option to use your points.

Using Loyalty Reward Program Points

Does it cost anything to use my points?
Yes, a redemption fee of $3 will be charged to your order.

If you have any other questions, please leave it below and I’ll be sure to get back to you!