ZenGest ~ The “I ate too much turkey dinner and now I can’t move” oil

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there before. You sit down at the holiday table with full intention of making sure you don’t eat too much. You want to enjoy the rest of the evening without being uncomfortable. Who’s with me? But wait, there’s turkey and meatballs, veggies, potatoes, cabbage rolls, salads. We won’t even mention the dessert table.  Everything looks so good.  You have to try at least a bit of everything, right? Before you know it, you forget about that promise you made to yourself, and now you’re stuffed, and very uncomfortable. Thankfully there is an oil for that. It’s time to break out your ZenGest.

ZenGest ~ The "I ate too much turkey dinner and now I can't move" oil

Add 2 drops of ZenGest to 1 tsp of carrier oil and massage into your belly to help reduce bloating, gas and occasional indigestion.


To help promote digestion , you can also try adding one drop to a glass of water and chugging it back. This is a healthy, natural, and gentle way to help soothe your stomach and have you feeling better in no time.

ZenGest is a blend of Ginger Rhizome/Root, Peppermint Plant, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Anise Seed, Tarragon Plant, and Fennel Seed essential oils. It smells sweet, minty, spicy and tastes a lot like licorice.

Maybe next time I sit down for a holiday dinner I’ll be able to control myself. Nah, who am I kidding? I’ll just break out my ZenGest.

To find out more information on ZenGest and how it can help your upset stomach be sure to check out this video.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Itchy Skin Driving You Crazy? Try Lavender Essential Oil

If you’re a mom, you’ve been here before. It’s 20 minutes since you’ve put your child to bed and all of a sudden they wander out of their room with an itch. They can’t stop scratching and it’s driving them, and you, crazy. You’ve got your essential oils handy right? Well it’s time to break out your Lavender.

One drop of Lavender Essential Oil  in 1 tsp of a carrier oil rubbed on the itchy skin will have your baby back to bed in no time.


Lavender ~ The "Mom I've got an itch and I can't stop scratching" oil

In addition to the fact that Lavender essential oil soothes occasional skin irritations, it is also widely used for its calming and relaxing qualities. This means using it at bedtime may be just what you need to help your little one to fall asleep.

Of course Lavender isn’t just to be used on children at bedtime. There are many different ways to use this beneficial oil. Find out my favourite ways to use Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint oils here.

Homemade Laundry Soap with Essential Oils

homemade-laundry-soapThis is one of my favourite DIY recipes mostly because it drives me insane having to pay a shit-ton of money for laundry soap.  This homemade laundry soap is cheap, easy to make, and works just as well if not better than anything you’ll pull off a store shelf.

A few years ago I was at my limit. One of my children was wetting the bed and nothing I bought would take out the smell. Thankfully I stumbled upon a post for homemade laundry soap that claimed it could help me. Ya know, it worked and I’ve been using it ever since.  It’s been so long I don’t remember where I found the recipe, but thankfully it’s so easy I was able to commit it to memory.

Are you ready? This is going to save you some serious cash.

Homemade Laundry Soap


  • One Bar of Soap.
    • You can use anything you have….Ivory, Dove, those little hotel soaps, really anything that doesn’t have a lot of perfumes in it will do.
  • One cup of Borax
  • One cup of Washing Soda
    • You can find Borax and Washing Soda in the same aisle as the laundry detergent. Washing Soda can be hard to find but I’ve had luck finding it at Safeway. It is NOT the same thing as Baking Soda. You need Washing Soda.
  • Water
  • 25-30 Drops of Essential Oils (optional)(I use doTERRA’s Purify for the cleansing properties)
  • Container that holds 8L of water (I use an old 7kg kitty litter pail)



  • Fill a large pot full of water and set to boil (approx 4L)
  • Grate one bar of soap into the water and stir until it dissolves

grate one bar of soap into the water

  • Turn heat to low
    • If you keep your heat too high it may boil over in the next steps and that’s a horrible mess to clean up. I’m speaking from experience here.
  • Add one cup of Washing Soda and stir until it dissolves
  • Add one cup of Borax and stir until it dissolves


  • Add approx 2L of cold water into your container
    • I do this so I’m not dumping hot water into an empty bucket.
  • Dump your pot of laundry soap into the container with water
  • Top off with cold water
  • Stir
  • Add 25-30 drops of your essential oil of choice.
    • I use doTERRA’s Purify because I love the clean scent, but you can use Lavender, Balance, Citrus Bliss, really anything pleasing to you.
  • Let this sit overnight. Once it’s cooled it will congeal into a gel like state. Just mix it up and you’re ready to go.
  • 1/2 cup per load of laundry will have your clothes super clean and fresh.


Here is the final product. I know, it’s not a super fancy container, but I couldn’t care less what it looks like, it works well. You want to make sure you have enough room to get in there and stir it up again once it congeals. My first batch I put into old laundry soap jugs and once it gelled up I couldn’t get it out! Lesson learned.

This should last my family of 4 around 4-5 months. And it probably cost me less than $3.00 to make.

And that’s it. Cheap, Easy and Effective Homemade Laundry Soap using Essential Oils.  If you don’t have any essential oils, but would like to give them a shot, give me a holler, or check out this post to find out the best way to order them.

A Clean Microwave in 5 Minutes Flat

It’s always a mothers joy when her children start doing things for themselves, isn’t it?

That joy lasts about until the time you open up the microwave and see the giant explosion of god-knows-what superglued to the inside. Like really? How’s that even possible? Was there even any food left on the plate? I don’t understand sometimes.


If I caught the culprit I can usually get them to wipe out the mess but you can be certain the top will be left untouched.  Thankfully I’ve got an easy, 5 minutes solution, that requires no scrubbing at all. This trick uses lemon essential oil which will make clean-up a breeze and take away that nasty odour.

5 Minutes to a Cleaner Microwave

5 minutes to a clean microwave using lemon essential oil

Alright guys, it’s super simple. All you need to do is fill a cup with water, add 5 drops of lemon essential oil, blast it in the microwave for 3 minutes.


5 drops of lemon essential oil

5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Once the timer goes off, let it sit for a minute and then take the cup out of the microwave. Careful here the water is pretty friggin’ hot. Now wipe out the mess with a wet cloth. It should come off easy-peasy.  While you’re wiping it out you will also get to enjoy the uplifting scent of lemon, which should make this tedious chore a little more bearable.


And that’s it. A clean microwave in less than 5 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, check out this post on my favourite ways to use lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Happy Cleaning,

~ Sarah


Finding Joy in the Little Things ~ October Challenge

Have you ever noticed that time seems to fly by when we’re not paying attention? The days turn into weeks, and then months. Before you know it you’re celebrating another birthday and can hardly remember anything that happened during the past year.


It can be very easy to get caught up “doing life”. We need to do this, we need to do that. We need to go there and we need to buy this. We’re so busy being busy, life just passes us by. We’re left standing in the wake, feeling empty, and wondering what the hell happened.



31 days of joy peace and happiness

We need to slow down.

We need to actually stop and smell the roses.

We need to make a conscious decision to pay attention to what is going on around us and appreciate all of life’s beauty.

We need to find joy in the little things.


About a year ago, a lady I worked with challenged me to a simple task. She said “Find something beautiful in each day.” I have taken to this, and have come to greatly appreciate this scavenger hunt for my mind.

I find myself paying more attention to the little things.  Connecting a little deeper to the world around me. I seek out the beauty in the day, and have come to appreciate even the smallest things that bring me joy. Doing this also allows me to create memories that I can use to lift my spirits when my mood is low.

You can find beauty in a flower, or in a pattern in the clouds. You can find peace in sunset. Joy while watching your children play. It could be the smile on your husbands face, or the sound of your children laughing. Your little bit of happiness is anything that makes you stop for a second to appreciate this life that you’ve been given, to realize that life is good.

It is in these moments where you will find the joy, and peace, and happiness that you’ve been longing for.  These moments will fill up your heart and you will no longer feel empty.

My friends, the challenge for October is this – Find something each day that brings you peace, joy, or happiness, and post it on the Changing Lives ~ Drop by Drop Facebook Group.  My goal is to fill up the feed with beautiful pictures and stories from all around the world. Share the joy that you find with others. I look forward to seeing the beauty in your life this month.


Do you want to find happiness in your life? Appreciate the small stuff, you are blessed far more than you realize.


Click here to join the Changing Lives Drop by Drop Facebook Group and start spreading your joy. 

A Simple Tip to a Clean Car

What do you do while you’re filling up your vehicle with gas? It’s a strange question I know but I recently came across a life hack that has added value to my life and I’d like to share it with you. (I tried to find the original post, but I can’t..sorry about that)

A simple tip to keep your car clean

Super simple right!!  I also keep my shopping bins in my van and when I’m cleaning out the trash, I will put all the odds and ends that need to get back into the house in the bin.  When I get back home, I bring in the bin and put everything away. My van has never looked so good.

I honestly feel like I should have thought of this before, but unfortunately not…

Do you have any easy tips like this one that you use to keep the mess at bay? If so, comment below!

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Day 17 ~ It’s been a long week

I have something to confess to you…I didn’t count them items that I got rid of this week.  I know, I know, I really should have, but once you see  the pictures, I think you might let me off.

The last time I counted my daily items was on Day 11 when I got rid of 17 items, which brought my total to 337 items donated.


This week, my girlfriend text me “Hey Sar, do you want me to come over on Wednesday and help you clean?”   You know you have a good friend when they offer to come help sort through your shit. Ha, but I guess that’s what friends are for, figuratively and literally.

So Wednesday night we tackled the storage room, which used to be my craft room, but it’s turned into a catch all storage room.  We kept our camping gear in here along with my craft supplies. And shoes, and old toys and basically just random shit that we don’t really use but can’t get rid of.  Are you ready for the before pictures?? Remember, this is REAL life here, so please be kind.
craft-room-2craft-room-3     craft-room


I know right! Tons of random shit. See the crutches in the first picture.  They aren’t ours. They came with the house when we bought it, 9 years ago!!

Wanna know a secret!! I got rid of most of it this week! I just got rid of it. I donated A LOT of craft supplies to my local thrift store and I think I filled up 6 garbage bags of crap that no one else would want. To the dump it goes!! Eek. It’s exciting, it’s freeing, it’s clean!

I have to say though, getting rid of my craft supplies was tough.  I’m crafty, artsy, I like to make. But what I realized is that although I like to make things, I really haven’t done so in a long time. Years maybe. So why am I holding on to all of these supplies that aren’t being used? Just in case.

Those three words are trouble.

Just. In. Case.

Just in case I need them at some point in the future? Who am I kidding, the reality is I would more than likely just run out to Michaels and buy whatever I needed anyway. So I got rid of them, making space for something new.

I did keep some sewing supplies, because pants need to be hemmed, and clothing mended.

I came to a standstill when it came to my yarn. I have 5 GIANT bags of yarn. All different colors, types, and weights. The problem is that Summer and Fall is not time for yarn, I crochet in the winter, and I don’t want to go through it now. My plan is to deal with it this winter when I am using it. Whatever I don’t use by Spring will be donated.  I’m going to be okay with that, I hope you are too.

Here are the after pictures… It’s not glorious, or beautiful, I know. I still need to put up some shelving and go through the big bucket of shoes but a person can only do so much right!

20160917_212430 20160917_212204 20160917_212228

And here’s what was donated. I’ll spare you the picture of the garbage bags that are headed to the dump.




For days 12-17 the total amount of items to be rid of is 87, so that is the number I am going to use, which bring my grand total to 424 items donated!

If you want to learn more about the 30 Day Minimalist Game check out my post here or the post at the Minimalist website here.

Day 6 ~ How Many Scarves Should a Person Own If They Don’t Wear Scarves?

The numbers are almost irrelevant at this point, as I peer into my closet and see all the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Today is Day 6 of my challenge and I’ve decided to tackle my closet. I’ve always had a hard time getting rid of something that “I might wear” but never do. The clothes that are super cute, but never leave the hanger. The cute little scarves that I bought while in Paris, that I wore once, when I was there.

The blue floral scarf is my “Paris ” scarf.


Going through my closet has made it blatantly obvious that in the past I hadn’t put much though into my shopping purchases. Considering I don’t actually wear scarves, (I hate the feeling around my neck) why on Earth would I buy, not one, but two of them while shopping in Paris? Because they were cute? Because I didn’t stop to think if I would actually wear them once I brought them home? What ever the reason was, I know that partaking in this challenge has opened my eyes to my needless consumption.

Since my husband joined me on this challenge today I can tell you that we were able to get rid of A LOT. It’s almost embarrassing to show you the amount of clothes that we will be donating.

hubbys donations

My husband’s donations

If you look at the picture above you can see the blue glow from my diffuser.  As processes like this can be overwhelming and tiresome, I love to diffuse my oils to help me along. Today I was diffusing Motivate. It smells lovely, like an orange creamsicle.  The description of Motivate is promising ~ Feelings of confidence and courage will replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism. This is exactly what I needed today.

These are the pants that my husband got rid of yesterday. They are not included in today’s totals.

Shirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, all to be given away. I think I’ll keep the dog.


Dresses, sweaters, pants, hoodies, misc items. I’m keeping the little girl too. 🙂

hubby closet

My Husband’s Side. A little less overwhelming now.

my side

My side of the closet. I got rid of a lot today, but by the looks of the picture I’m not done. I’m hoping to thin it out again in a bit once the cooler weather hits.


These hangers once held the clothes we never wore.

Totals for the day –

16 scarves (This is the answer to the question in the title)
18 tank tops
7 belts
23 shirts
5 dresses/skirts
9 hoodies
4 pants
9 misc items

Husband’s totals for the day –

26 dress shirts
32 t-shirts
6 pants

Total for the day – 155
Total items donated to date – 261


It’s not about living with less, it’s about living with what you need.