Cure for a Stinky Yoga Mat

Have you ever been here before?  Your yoga session starts out, you’re in the groove, thoughts are melting away and you’re at peace with the world. Ahhh.  Up next is Cobra. Now you’re belly down on your mat in Cobra and what in the hell is that smell? It’s your stinky yoga mat. Then you hope no one else can smell it. Not exactly what should be going on in your mind when you’re in the middle of your vinyasa.

Stinky Yoga Mat? Your 8 drop recipe to get rid of the stink so you can relax and recharge

Yes, yoga mats can get nasty, but cleaning them doesn’t have to be.  You “could” use your standard household cleaner, but how are you going to feel when you get a whiff of that?

I love this spray that you can make at home, using two very common essential oils.  Tea Tree and Lavender.  Both oils have cleansing properties, so you’ll be disinfecting your mat. The lavender oil will help you relax, and help you”get into it”.

 Yoga Mat Cleansing Spray


  • 3/4 cup distilled water
  • 1/4 cup alcohol-free witch hazel or white vinegar
  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops Tea Tree/ Melaleuca essential oil
  • Glass spray bottle
Note: Not all yoga mats are treated the same. Using essential oils may ruin some yoga mats. Spray a test patch on a small part of your mat first to make sure it doesn’t affect it.



  1. Combine all ingredients in glass spray bottle.
  2. Shake until combined.
  3. To use, spray on mat and wipe dry with towel.

Easy Peasy!!

If you would like to incorporate more oils into your session here are a few examples that can help bring a new level of awareness to your practice.


  • Apply InTune® at the beginning of class to help set your focus.
  • Rub a drop of doTERRA Breathe® on your chest.
  • For a more invigorating practice, diffuse Wild Orange and Peppermint.
  • Diffuse doTERRA Serenity® for a more calming practice.
  • Apply a drop of Frankincense or Sandalwood to your temples during meditation to help you relax and reduce stress.
  • Apply doTERRA Balance® to the back of your neck during Savasana to help with relaxation.

This article, from Adabelle Carson, doTERRA Diamond will give you many different options of oils to use during your yoga practice. 

What are your favourite essential oils to use during your yoga practice?


Love is in the Air ~ Diffuser Blend

There is nothing better to set the mood for an evening of romance than to fill the air with an enticing scent that can enhance your mood and increase sexual arousal.  These essential oils work by reducing stress and the physical, psychological or emotional ailments that may interfere with sexual desire or arousal.

Remember that less is more when it comes to some essential oils, and Ylang Ylang falls into that category.  While the aroma is pleasing to most, it can become overpowering if you accidently use too much.

Love is in the Air Diffuser Blend

If you do not have a diffuser you can also create a linen spray by adding the above oils in a spray bottle with water. Spritz onto you bedsheets and enjoy.



Wellness Customer or Wellness Advocate ~ What’s the difference?

There have been some pretty big changes when it comes to joining doTERRA.  You now have an option to enroll as a Wellness Customer or a Wellness Advocate.

How should you join doTERRA? As a Wellness Customer or a Wellness Advocate?


Depending on your interest in doTERRA the difference may mean nothing, but it might mean a lot.

What is the difference between a Wellness Customer and a Wellness Advocate?

If you have decided to join doTERRA to use the products in your home, to improve the quality of your life, and have no interest in sharing with others, you will likely want to enroll as a Wellness Customer.

When you enroll as a Wellness Customer the person who you enroll with will know you are only wanting to use the products.  You will still be able to be a part of the Loyalty Reward Program and will be able to qualify for the Free Product of the Month. The only difference is that you cannot sign people up underneath you.

Remember you are only a user of the products. If you can see yourself sharing these products with others, you’ll want to consider signing up as a Wellness Advocate.

Think about this….

Your enrollment kit comes in the mail, you start using your oils and begin to see a lot of great benefits.   You are excited about your oils, and use them every chance you get.  Your best friend comes over for a visit and she mentions she has an upset stomach.


What do you think you would do?

Chances are you would probably offer her one of your essential oils. Maybe Peppermint, or ZenGest, depending on what you have.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

When the oils start working for you, it is only natural to start offering them to the people you care about.  And when you do that, they are going to want them too.

Signing up as a Wellness Advocate gives you the option to help your friends get their own wholesale membership.  You will also have the ability to earn money by sharing doTERRA with others.  This does not mean you have to, but you have the ability.

Of course, there is the opportunity to share doTERRA with the masses and earn a significant income while doing so.  If you would like to learn more about building a business with doTERRA please check out THIS PAGE.

So there you have it, the lowdown on the difference between a Wellness Customer and a Wellness Advocate.

Discover the reason why the Canadian Wholesale Membership is the way to go!

Let’s Talk About Mental Health & Essential Oils

Mental illness can be a very hard topic to talk about, and I am so thankful that Bell is taking the initiative to bring this often silent illness to the forefront of conversation. Having gone through tough times myself, I know how hard it is to talk about what is going on inside your head. How hard it can be to go get help when you need it.

On the wings of Bell’s #BellLetsTalk campaign which aims to bring awareness to mental health issues, I thought it would be fitting share a bit of my history and to spotlight doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy System.

This kit contains 6 different essential oil blends that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten changing moods, improving your mental health.

I’d like to preface the following by saying if you are in need of professional help, please go and talk to a doctor. I am not a health care professional, I’m not a doctor, have no initials after my name.  I am only a person who lives on this planet, who has gone through some pretty trying shit and has learned some tips and tricks along the way.

A few years ago, life was really rough. I was going a lot and I found myself unable to cope with my emotions. There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed, followed by times of uncontrollable crying.  I knew I needed help.

I found myself in the doctor’s office explaining the situation I was going through.

I left that appointment with a prescription for anti-depressants.

Did the meds help? Yes, they did.

I was able to function again. Life resumed. But I noticed that after taking them for a while not only did they take the negative emotions away, they also took the positive emotions away too. I felt flat-lined, no highs or no lows. For anyone that knows me personally, knows that I can get quite excited sometimes. I like to believe that is what makes me, me. When I was on my meds that changed.  Everything was okay. Not good, not great, just ok.  Nothing excited me anymore. It started to feel like I wasn’t living life but I was just along for the ride.

I know that medication can be very effective, and very necessary and I do not, and would not judge anyone for being on medication that helped them improve their lives.  I sincerely believe that deep down we know what is best for us. If medication is what feels right, that’s ok. I knew I needed help, so I got it, but then I knew the help wasn’t helping me anymore, but rather holding me back.

After about a year of being on the anti-depressants, I decided that I was at a place in my life where I could handle these issues without meds.  I slowly took myself off of them, without the consult of my doctor. Not a smart choice, but he didn’t want to take me off of them, so I did it carefully, from what I read online.  I don’t recommend doing this, but I’m just being honest.

It was a few years later when I found out about essential oils, and the many different ways they can be used to improve not only our physical health as well.

Now when my mood gets low, or I’m on the brink of freaking out, I reach for my oils. Since I have started using them my mood has improved greatly. Overall I’m optimistic, happy, and in love with life. Such a change from a few dark years ago.

These oils are very easy to use.

 The kit comes with an emotional aromatherapy wheel to help you identify the emotion you might be feeling.  You would find your emotion on the wheel and then select the corresponding essential oil blend that is right for you. (You may find that two or more blends are appropriate to balance your varied emotions at any given moment.) The last step is to use the corresponding oils, either aromatically or topically, on your skin.

Our sense of smell exerts a great deal of influence over thoughts, memories, moods, emotions, and behaviors. Aromatherapy allows you to employ the olfactory power of plants, using their essential oils to enhance your emotional health. This line of blends makes emotional aromatherapy easy and accessible for anyone dealing with common negative emotions, or just wanting a boost of happiness, contentment, optimism and confidence.

If you would like to learn more about the science of how essential oils work in our brain this is a great article.

If you would like a 3rd party, scientific approach, I suggest you hop over to PubMed and search around. I searched for “essential oils anxiety” and found this article on the Effect of Lemongrass Aroma on Experimental Anxiety in Humans.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing doTERRA with others is because when I needed help I didn’t know about essential oils, but knowing what I know now, I wish I did.  I am not passionate about selling oils, it is my goal to inform as many people as I can about these safe and natural options.

If you need help but know essential oils aren’t right for you right now, please contact your healthcare professional. You can also visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website.

If you would like to talk more about how you can use essential oils to improve your emotional well-being please contact me at Don’t be shy. I know it’s hard to ask for help sometimes, but you are worth it. You’ve only got this one life to live, you might as well make it the best that you can.

Peace & Love My Friends,

~ Sarah

Where do you keep your oils? Hopefully not in the box!

Don't keep your essential oils in the box!!

We are creatures of habit, and if you’re just starting out using essential oils, you may have noticed that you are not using your oils as often as you thought you would. Maybe you purchased your kit a long time ago, and it ended up collecting dust.

I want to fill you in on a secret…..

In order for the oils to work, you have to actually use them.

Sorry but it’s true.

Your intentions were good when you ordered your kit, you were going to start using these oils, and the quality of your life was going to improve. Once your kit arrived, you opened the box and took out the one oil you knew how to use…Lemon, you put a drop in your water and put it back in the box.  Over time you stopped going back to the box, and now you haven’t touched your oils in days, or maybe even months.  This is not what you or the person who introduced you to doTERRA wanted.

One of the reasons that you may not be using them is because they are new, and not a part of your daily routine, or a part of your daily habits.

In order to make using the oils a habit, we must keep them where we use them. Keeping your oils in the box they came in is almost a guarantee that you’re not going to use them as often as you thought you would.

Think about this…if you are already in the shower, and then remember that you wanted to put a couple drops of Wild Orange or Eucalyptus in there with you to make it a spa experience, how likely are you to run out of the shower naked to grab that bottle?  Probably not going to happen right?

So right now, go and put an oil in your shower. My favourite is Wild Orange, but you could try Eucalyptus or maybe even Grapefruit. You go, I’ll wait here for you.

When you ordered your kit, were you thinking of using the Lemon oil in your water to help detox your body? If your bottle of lemon oil is in the box in a cupboard, chances are you aren’t going to go and get it each time you get a drink of water, so why not keep it near the sink.  You could also keep your cooking oils, like Cumin, Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Grapefruit, Cinnamon Bark in your kitchen as well.

Now let’s think about your bedroom.

Well, chances are you have a diffuser for your bedroom. If you don’t, I highly suggest you get one. Diffusing oils at night is the perfect way to get a more restful sleep. If you don’t have a diffuser that’s ok, you can put a drop of oil on your pillow for the same effect.

So what oils can you keep in your bedroom?  Maybe you enjoy Lavender or Serenity? Cedarwood is also a relaxing oil, Vetiver too.  You can use all of those oils in your diffuser, on your pillow, or on the bottoms of your feet. That’s up to you.

You may want to keep a bottle of Peppermint oil on your nightstand to use in the morning. A sniff of that will have you up and at em’ in no time.

Have you ever been out and about and wished you had your oils with you? They’ll do you no good if there at home.

Did you know doTERRA has an 8-vial keychain available? You can find it in your back office.  This keychain makes it so easy to keep your most used oils with you at all times.  ZenGest, Lavender, Frankincense, Lemon, Lemongrass, Wild Orange, Peppermint and Whisper all have a place in my keychain.

If you don’t have this keychain, you can certainly keep your favourite oils in a baggie in your purse or in your car.  That way you’ll have them when you need them.  If you keep your oils with you throughout the day, you may find yourself sharing with others without even trying. If your friend has an upset stomach and you’ve got your ZenGest in your purse, you may just find yourself a new team member.

If you have purchased a kit with doTERRA and your oils are sitting in the box barely used, I want you to think about why you ordered your kit in the first place.  What benefits were you trying to obtain? Have you really allowed yourself to truly experience the products and all that they have to offer? Did you just forget about them?  Well, I want you to break them free of the box and place them around your house where you’ll see them, and use them. Only then will you experience the true benefit of these products.

Or maybe you’re not using them because you’re not so sure how to.  That is very common, essential oils are a whole new world to be learned. If this is the case I have a challenge for you.  Look through your collection and find an oil that you don’t know how to use, and google it. You can check out THIS post to find tips and tricks on how to use Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint.  Pinterest is also a goldmine when it comes to learning different ways to use your oils. Check out my Essential Oil Pinterest Board here.  Find a way that you can use this oil in your daily life, and put it where you’ll need it.  Comment below and let us know what you learned.

If you love your oils like I do, and use them many times throughout the day, comment below and let us know where you keep your oils and how you use them. Let’s share the love and the knowledge!!

Happy Oiling!!


“F” Off Winter ~ A Diffuser Blend


Do you ever want to punch Mother Nature in the face?


Now don’t get me wrong, I am a true fan of nature, and being outdoors, and all that jazz, but it starts to get to me when it’s super cold for a million days in a row.  I mean really, a person can only take so much of these sub-arctic temperatures.

I woke up this morning to the sound of the wind howling. It sounded like it was going to tear the roof right off of my house. I’ve never heard it sound like that before. Knowing that it was supposed to be below -40 with the wind, I was tempted to turn off the alarm clock, bury myself deep in my covers and call it a day, however life doesn’t work like that now, does it?

To give you an idea of what I had to deal with, here is the local forecast for today.

Winnipeg forecast for Thursday, January 12, 2017

  • Temperature falling to –27 C by the afternoon (extreme wind chill –43).
  • Blowing snow with visibility frequently less than one kilometre.
  • Wind northwest 60-80 km/h this morning then diminishing to 30-50 km/h this afternoon.
  • Clear tonight.
  • Wind up to 15 km/h.
  • Low –32 C (extreme wind chill –42).

And here’s what all that looks like.

Uggh.  Throat Punch to Mother Nature.

All right I’ll stop now. But I hope you know, I’m not happy about all of this blowing snow nonsense.  Thankfully all of this wind is blowing in much warmer weather, they are calling for -9 on Saturday.  I’ll take that, hell, I’ll probably even get outside for a run.

It’s days like today I am especially thankful I can add a few essential oils in my diffuser, and lift the mood in our home.  Today I concocted the following blend for my diffuser.

“F” Off Winter Diffuser Blend

F Off Winter Diffuser Blend

I specifically chose oils that lift the spirits, reduce stress, and create a sense of happiness and joy.

Bergamot – components of Bergamot essential oil are both antidepressant and stimulating.  They create a feeling of joy, freshness, and energy by improving the circulation of your blood.

Elevation – as the name suggests, Elevation is an invigorating combination of essential oils that blends euphoric scents to elevate your mood, promote feelings of confidence, and increase your energy.

Marjoram – Marjoram is the ‘herb of happiness’.  It promotes peace and sleep and is relaxing and calming for our muscles.  It helps relieve stress, reduce tension, and soothes the body and mind.

Geranium – Geranium oil has the power to improve mental functioning and lift your spirits.  It’s known to help people who are suffering from grief.

"F" Off Winter Diffuser Blend

For those of you who are not keen on the smell of Geranium, be careful to only use one drop.  It’s a mighty powerful oil, and can be very overpowering to those who don’t like it.  You can also substitute it for a citrus oil like Wild Orange, or Citrus Bliss.

I’ve been diffusing it as I type this and I can tell that it’s improving my mood.  I’ll be honest, this blend is not one of my favourites for smell.  It’s alright, not terrible, but not the best, that’s for sure.

If you’d like to check out some other diffuser blends, head on over to THIS page.

I’d like to hear from you.  Comment below and tell me what do you do when you’ve been trapped indoors because Mother Nature has reared her ugly face?


Let’s talk about ~ Essential Oil Dilution

I can remember when I first started using essential oils, I thought that if I were to dilute the oil it would make it less effective. Ha, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Diluting essential oils actually allows them to remain on our skin for longer, so we can gain more of the benefits of our precious oils. As some essential oils can be very strong, diluting them can also protect our bodies from their powerful strength. There are many other benefits to dilution which we will cover down below.

Now I understand that learning about essential oils can be a long process, and everyone must start at the beginning. So here are a few questions and answers that you may have when you first start learning about essential oils and how to use them.


let's talk about dilution

What do you mean, dilution?

To dilute an essential oil means to mix it with a carrier oil before applying it topically to the skin.  We call it a carrier oil because it does just that. It carries our essential oils into our bodies.  A carrier oil is a vegetable oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil.  Personally, I use doTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, but you can use whatever you have on hand.

 How do I dilute my oils?

The recommended dilution ratio is generally 1 drop of essential oil to three drops of carrier oil.  If you find yourself constantly making a small mix, you could try making a larger batch in a glass rollerball.  I’ve ordered these off Amazon and find they work well.

I whipped you up a handy dandy dilution chart that you may print out for reference. Or pin it to your Essential Oil board on Pinterest. You can check out my EO Pinterest Board here.

Essential Oil Dilution Guidelines


Who should dilute essential oils?

Children and those with sensitive skin may show a sensitivity response if they’ve used essential oils that have not been diluted.  Diluting the oils will reduce the chance of developing a sensitivity.   There are some oils that should always be diluted as they can be hot to our skin.  Some of these are cassia, cinnamon, clove, oregano, and thyme.

How do I know which oils need to be diluted?

If you are looking in your catalogue you will see a chart like this one which shows us 6 different symbols. A, T, I, N, S, & D.  When you are looking in the catalogue at each product or oil, they will have the corresponding symbol which tells how each oil can be used, and whether or not we should dilute it.

There are 3 different classifications of oils.

  • Neat. Essential oils categorized as “neat” can be applied topically without dilution on most people. These oils are considered mild and generally do not induce skin sensitivity. Examples of “neat” essential oils are frankincense, lavender, melaleuca, melissa, and sandalwood.
  • Dilute. If categorized as “dilute,” essential oils should be diluted with a carrier oil before topical application in every case. Oils that fall into this category are those are considered “hot” oils and have a much great chance of causing sensitivity with most people. Examples of essential oils that require dilution are cassia, cinnamon, clove, oregano, and thyme.
  • Sensitive. “Sensitive” oils are those that should be diluted before use on young or sensitive skin. Examples of “sensitive” oils are peppermint, ginger, eucalyptus, wintergreen, and black pepper.

What are the benefits of diluting essential oils?

  • Diluting essential oils allows them to remain on your skin for longer as they will not evaporate as fast, leaving you with a longer lasting effect.
  • Scientific studies have shown that diluting actually allows the essential oils to permeate our skin faster than without.
  • And lastly, your oils are going to last longer, because you won’t need to use as much.  Diluting the oils will make them go much further.

When in doubt, dilute!!

doTERRA has recently come out with a TOUCH line, which all come prediluted. This means they are ready for you and your kids whenever you need them, no fussing around.  They are absolutely wonderful, a great addition to your collection if you don’t already have them.

Where to Buy High-Quality Essential Oils at a Discount ~

It is highly recommended that when using essential oils, you use the highest quality you can get your hands on.  CLICK HERE to find out how to purchase my favourite brand of oils at a discount.

I hope this blog post has given you some tips on how and when to dilute your oils.

Happy Oiling!!

Goal Setting for 2017 ~ Setting the Focus

set-a-goal-so-bigAs 2016 ends most of us will find ourselves looking toward the new year with hope and promise. The new year is a fresh slate, right? Resolutions in hand we will charge forward with our dreams held high.

We will exercise more, we will eat healthier, we will save more money, and we will spend more quality time with the people we love. Our intentions are good, and we really do want to reach these goals, but with no real plan in place, and no way to track them, chances are our good intentions will fall by the wayside and somewhere between January 13th and the middle of February we will find ourselves right back to where we are today. Just floating through life, taking what comes our way, and dealing with it the best we can.

The reason our goals get left behind is because, more often than not, we do not have a plan set in place to reach them, and we are not tracking our progress.

Say you want to exercise more. Well, how much is more exactly? One time a week, two? That may be more but will that ultimately bring you to your goal of losing those extra 20 pounds?

In order to reach our goals, we need to set SMART goals. I won’t go into details on that, but you can check out this article on setting SMART goals.

“A goal properly set is halfway reached.” ~ Zig Ziglar

You also need to write down your goals. This is so important. It’s one thing to have your goal in your head, but when you write it down on paper you take it to the next level. It’s like saying to the universe “This is what I want, now let’s get out there and do it”.

Did you know that only 3 out of every 100 adults actually write their goals down on paper, yet statistics show that people who write down their goals have over an 80% chance of achieving them? Seems like a good idea to write them down, doesn’t it?

Write down your goals
Now it’s time to become accountable to your goals. You’ll want to tell someone what you are planning on achieving.  Having someone hold you accountable to your goals will keep you going on those days when you feel like giving up.

You, my friend, are going to be my accountability partner. I hope you’re ok with that. One of my goals for this year is to be more active on here, so I figure that tracking my goals and following them on the blog will help me do that.

The goals I have written below are not smart goals yet, but over the next few days, I will have set a plan on how I am going to reach them. I also plan on tracking them in my bullet journal, which I will cover in an upcoming post.

My personal goals for 2017

  • Daily Personal Development
  • Meditate at least 4x per week
  • Run the 2017 Manitoba 1/2 Marathon – Goal 1hr 45 min
  • Family Road Trip!!
  • Daily Exercise
  • Run 2017 kms
  • Date night with hubby once a month
  • Date night with each child once a month

My business goals for 2017

  • Educate and empower 75 new friends on how essential oils can improve and enrich their lives
  • Inspire 5 new builders to find their purpose with doTERRA
  • Go to Convention in September with at least 3 team members
  • Reach the rank of Silver by December 31, 2016
  • Teach at least 3 classes/month
  • Post more valuable content on blog weekly
  • Grow the Changing Lives ~ Drop by Drop Facebook group to 500 members

Now that seems like a lot, but at the same time, it feels attainable. I may have to adjust or add a few new goals throughout the year, but that’s ok, I have something to start with.

My question to you is this ~ What do you want out of life? Do you have dreams and goals that you’ve been thinking about for a long time? What has kept you from pursuing them?

Are you ready to take action and live the life of your dreams?  Will 2017 be your year?

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my mentors.

Design your life

Peace & Love My Friends!

Welcome December! I can feel the joy!

joy for december

Ahh Christmas!! Joy, Peace & Love! It’s the most magical time of the year!  To some, but to others Christmas is a time of stress, anxiety, and low feelings.

I can honestly say that I can barely remember the last time I was actually in the Christmas spirit. The hustle and bustle of the season, the many gatherings, the decorating and baking, and even Christmas music. They used to stress me out. I wanted Christmas to pass as quickly as possible. I dreaded heading into the stores to do my Christmas shopping. The crowds were too much for me, and my dwindling bank account caused me much stress as well.

This year is different though. I have joy, peace and love in my heart and it feels so good. My outlook has changed and I am truly excited for what December will bring.  I’m looking forward to the holiday gatherings, the lights and sounds that we only experience this time of year.

I believe these changes have come because I have changed the way I have been taking care of myself. I started taking doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements, and have been using my oils to help me work through those unresolved feelings, and the difference in the way I feel is remarkable.  My energy levels have increased, my outlook has improved, and most importantly, my spark has been rekindled.  I have a joy in my heart that has been missing for a long time.

The changes I have noticed in myself, have made me even more driven to share doTERRA with others. I found doTERRA when I needed when I needed it the most, when I was struggling and lost. I know there are others out there who are looking for this change too.

If you feel like you are ready to take the next step, I would be honoured to get you started on the next chapter of your life.

Many blessings to you all during this Christmas season. Peace, Love & Joy!

xoxo ~ Sarah