Welcome to Changing Lives ~ Drop by Drop! I’m Sarah, your top motivator when it comes to living your authentic life. I love adventures, and meeting new people, and I am glad that you’ve decided to join me here.

I believe being different is a good thing and being yourself is the only way to live a full life.


Personal growth is an obsession of mine. I love learning new techniques and tips to make life better.  You’ll find a lot of challenges here and on our Facebook group. Feel free to join in, challenges make us grow.

“Like a flower ~ You’re either growing, or dying”

Being a lover of nature, taking a walk in the woods feeds my soul. I truly believe that many health issues we see today could be eliminated through healthy eating, exercise, and nature. Nature is too often overlooked.

In the fall of 2015 I stumbled upon the world of essential oils. Little did I know it at the time but these oils were about to change my life.  I had began to notice the overall lack of wellness in the people around me. If you pay attention you’ll see it too. Just ask someone how they are feeling and soon enough they’ll reveal an issue that they are dealing with. Whether it be aches and pains, or emotional health troubles, these are generally issues that go untreated.

Diving deeper into the world of essential oils has helped me learn that there are other, more natural ways to care for our bodies. Essential oils come from the earth and have been used for thousands of years to ward off disease and illness. It seems to me that when modern medicine came into the picture, natural methods were pushed to the side. It is my goal here at Changing Lives ~ Drop by Drop to bring the healing power of the earth back into our homes. To empower you to make a change to better your life.

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