An Update on my Goals and some NEWS!!!

It’s been about 2 weeks since I posted the 3 goals I wanted to work on over the next little while. You can check out this post to see in more detail, but to recap they were –

  • Eat a more plant-based diet (is that proper English, it sounds funny to me)
  • Move my body more
  • Clean up my house

Eat a more Plant-Based Diet – Well…..I guess I haven’t been doing too bad. I was doing very well for a while. I was packing plant-based lunches for work, adding more veggies to my dinner, and drinking more water. Aside from my morning coffee, all I drink is water. I know I could be doing better, but I’m working at it little by little in the hopes the small changes will stick and I will end up better of in the end. I find it incredibly frustrating…I want to eat plant-based, but I’m too lazy, or it’s too hard, or I don’t know enough to do it all the time. Whatever the issue is, I’m working on it.

Clean up my house…. You know if it would just stay clean it would be a lot easier to maintain. Gah! I’ve managed to sort out a few different areas, like my plastic container cupboard in my kitchen, and I went through my son’s clothes and was able to give my neighbour a few bags for her boys. It makes me happy to have someone I know who will make use of his old clothes. Yah this is a work in progress…….

Move my body more….. This is where the news comes in. I have been doing awesome in this area, so awesome in fact, that I signed up for my first Ultramarathon!!! It’s the Oxbow 50k to be held on May 4th!!

EEEK!! I am so excited, and nervous. I can’t wait. I had my eye on this race for a while now and was somewhat training for it. I made myself a deal…if my back to back long runs on the weekend went ok, I would sign up…

The training plan told me to run 25 kilometres on Saturday and 16 kilometres on Sunday. I cut my Saturday run a bit short and ran 22 k and then 18 k on Sunday. That was good enough for me. I came home and signed up. If I’m going to push myself to run that far, I need to have a reason for it.

This 50k is definitely outside of my comfort zone, and it is also something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, so I’m putting my insecurities aside and going to go for it.

Now I will leave you with a few questions……When is the last time you committed to something that would force you to grow? What have you always wanted to do, but haven’t taken the steps to start? What’s holding you back? Why not start now?

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