Starting Small ~ The beginning of my Plant-Based Journey

Have you ever decided to change something in your life that’s holding you back, go gung-ho into it only to return to your previous ways after a few mishaps? Perhaps that is just the story of my life. For a long while I’ve been wanting to go plant-based but it never seems to last very long.

Back at the end of June decided that I was going to go plant-based vegan.  I did it for no other fact than I wanted to see how I felt eating a plant-based diet. I ate a strict vegan diet for an entire 2 weeks. Not nearly as long as I was planning. Ha.

My vegan diet ended shortly after summer arrived.  Along with summer comes barbeques, camping and all the great food that goes along with it. When we went camping I didn’t have the knowledge how to keep eating this way. I what can I say ~ old habits die hard.

It is now the beginning of December and again, I find myself thinking about the way I eat.  I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts that speak highly of a plant-based diet and can say that I know I would feel so much better if I was eating that way.

The problem is I don’t really know what to eat.

Most of the recipes I’ve found take a million ingredients, strange ingredients or take a long time to prepare.  I work a full-time job and have 2 kids to raise, so spending hours in the kitchen doesn’t really appeal to me. I needed to find a different way to start this new lifestyle.

I’ve come to realize that I have the personality that tends to overdo things at the beginning only to get bored or tired of it shortly after and give up on it. Living a healthy, active lifestyle is important to me. So I’ve decided to take it slow this time.

The Plan

Instead of eliminating so many different things from my diet all at once, I am simply going to add more nutritious food.

We all need to eat more plants people!

I plan on trying to eat more plant-based meals whenever I can.  It may be a fruit and greens filled smoothie for breakfast, or a new lentil dish for supper. It also means if I have the time and the energy to cook myself a separate meal after the family has been fed I will. But if I’m tired or we have plans I might end up eating the chicken fingers, and that’s gonna be ok for now.

I’ll mention that the members of my family have no interest in changing the way that they eat, and until I get this figured out I am not going anywhere near that fight.  I know that they will gain some benefit, and that’s enough for now.

I’m starting small. I’m starting with me.

Instead of working out every day, I am going to aim for 3-4 workouts a week.  This is different from what I’ve done in the past so keeping to a schedule like this is going to feel a lot different, but I’m hoping it will be more sustainable.

Since winter has come I have not wanted to get outside for a run and I can feel it in my body. I’m feeling a bit “fluffy” and I don’t like it one bit. I recently downloaded a workout app – 8fit to help me stay motivated in working out. I’m not sure where I heard about the app but I can say that I am enjoying it. (I’m not getting paid anything for this plug, just sharing what I’ve been trying lately).  It is a paid app – $79.00/year but the give you a 1-month trial, which I’m using now. I’m not sure yet if I will sign up for the year, but I’ll let you know if I do.


The workouts are pretty easy, and they are much shorter than I am used to. Today’s workout was a whole 9 minutes! I am hoping they will get harder and longer once I’ve been using it for a while.

I thought 8fit was only a workout app when I downloaded it, but it turns out there is a meal portion included too which I have been using a ton! It’s super customizable. You can set your preferences on what you want to eat – easy, vegetarian, pescetarian, vegan. You can also pick foods you don’t want your menu to include and you can tell it how long you want to spend in the kitchen.

I have got some super easy, pretty tasty and very healthy recipes out of it. My husband has been looking at me sideways some days when he sees what I make myself for supper.  Tonight I had smashed white beans on toast. Sure it wasn’t the most fabulous meal, but it’s was easy to make, filling, healthy and I didn’t feel weighed down afterward.

I’ve really been enjoying learning new, easy recipes to try. Going from a highly processed diet to plant-based overnight would be far too hard for me. I’m hoping by learning and incorporating these new recipes into my diet slowly I will gradually change the way I’m eating. To the point where I’m eating a plant-based vegan diet.  That is the goal anyway.

My plan is to share this journey with you because I know it is hard to go it alone. I’ll share my struggles, my triumphs, the new recipes I try, the workouts I’m doing, and how I’m feeling emotionally and physically. I’m hoping that by sharing my journey I’ll be more committed to stay with it and that I may even inspire someone to join me on this journey.


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