Diffuser Blends for June

Summer is coming!!! Can you feel it?? 🙂

If you’re stuck behind your desk at work wishing you were somewhere else, don’t fret.  These diffuser blends will transport you to paradise in no time. If you can’t use a diffuser at work due to “scent policies”, you can apply them topically as well. Just combine the suggested oils with some FCO and apply to your pulse points to keep the fragrance with you all day long.

A blend of Lavender, Lime & Spearmint will give you the peace that you feel while gazing at the ocean. I can smell it right now, can you?

Is the end of the school year is stressing you out? The combination of Vetiver, Lavender and doTERRA Balance will help take the edge off. The grounding effects of this blend are by far the best, allowing you to relax and balance the stresses of everyday life.

Diffuser Blends for June

June Diffuser Blends

I cannot stress this enough – Taking time for ourselves is so important!!  Very often it’s overlooked this time of year, as we’re running the kids from activity to activity, or trying to get our yard work caught up, cramming for exams and end of school tests.

Life has a tendency to get hectic if we aren’t careful, doesn’t it?  Taking a few minutes to fill your diffuser and a few deep breaths of the mist is all that’s needed to regain the clarity and calmness that we all so desperately require.

Whether it’s a Picnic in the Mountains you’re after, or a drive down the California Cost these diffuser blends will surely perk you up and transform your mood.

Where is your diffuser taking you today? Let me know in the comments below.

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