Garden Update – May Long Weekend Recap

Hello, my Pretties!  I hope you had a fabulous long weekend. May Long is one of my favourites!

Usually, we hit the road on Friday afternoon to make our way into the wilderness for the weekend.  May Long camping is just the recharge I need after a long Winnipeg winter.  Time to kick back and relax under the stars.

This is a picture from our trip up to Black Lake Provincial Park last May Long Weekend. This camping trip was one of the best yet. We tried out Black Lake for the first time and loved it. It’s so secluded and peaceful. The hiking trails are awesome and they provide free firewood. Can’t get much better than that.

Black Lake 2016

While the thought of spending time in nature was really compelling, the thought of getting everything ready, packing the van, driving for hours, setting up camp, and tearing down to come home was not. Nevermind the tick outbreak that has hit the province this year. These people pulled over 400 ticks off of them in one weekend!! No thank you.  Even with my homemade bug repellent, I would still be leery.

Needless to say, we decided to stick close to home.

How much nothing can a person do in one weekend?

A lot!  It was great!!

We hung out with friends on Friday night. Had a fire and some drinks.  Good times with good friends make for a very lazy day on Saturday. *wink *wink. The rain outside didn’t help. We ended up lazing around the house all day watching movies and such. Not exactly the most productive day, but hey, we all need those days sometimes.

Sunday wasn’t much better. The pissing rain outside sure knows how to put a damper on plans. I had been wanting to get my garden in this weekend, but nope. Thanks a lot, Mother Nature!

On Monday I decided that I had had enough of moping around inside.

Rain or shine, I was going to plant my garden.

Last year I experimented with planting by the moon, the way the Farmer’s Almanac says. Basically, you plant your root veggies after the full moon and the veggies that bear fruit above ground, after the new moon.

Moon Phases

I tried this out last year and had some success. Before my carrots would be all tops but last year they were awesome!!! I don’t want to mess with the system, so I’ll be planting with the moon again this year, well kinda.

Living in the city means I don’t have a tremendous amount of space to plant a garden.  We have a raised bed in the backyard that gets a lot of shade thanks to our huge Silver Birch tree. This is where I plant our greens. Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, Onions, Radishes, etc.

I was excited to see that the spinach I planted last week is starting to grow.

The first thing I planted in the garden was my onions. I haven’t had much success in past years growing onions, but I really want to figure this out, so in they go again.  I researched a bit and one thing I learned that you don’t want to plant them too deep and they need loose sandy soil.  In order to grow big onions, only 1/3 of the bulb needs to be underground.  Well – this changes everything.  I planted 3 rows in the back garden and one row in the front in order to compare how they grow.


This was before I covered them up. I was sure to leave the soil as loose and airy as I could. Fingers crossed these SOB’s grow!!  If you have any onion growing tips I would LOVE to hear it!!

Up next was another batch of spinach.  I bought some Organic Spinach Seed tape to try out this year. I’ve never used seed tape before and I was pleasantly surprised. It made it super easy to plant.  The instructions were to create a trough for the tape, lay it flat, water the tape, cover with soil, and water again.  I found that when I watered it the first time most of it got covered up with soil saving me a step. It was really easy, I just wonder how the tape will break down in the soil.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Planting the Garden in the rain

I planted some Swiss Chard and then some lettuce.   The spacing instructions on the Chard were 1″ apart when planting, thin to 10″.   I started by laying out my seeds 1″ apart, I did one row up and one across. After that I just sort of sprinkled them all over where they were to be planted. Who has time to plant like that, and does it really matter?  Really??  I guess we’ll see when this all starts to grow.

Planting lettuce is the same! The seeds are so thin and light. You just gotta throw that shit down and mix it in hoping it gets relatively easily spaced. Am I right?!

I can almost see my mother cringing as I write this. I remember planting the garden back home. Everything in neat rows, evenly spaced, ever. so. careful. Not this girl.  Not today anyway!

Here is how my garden looks after planting. Not to exciting. I still have some empty space there between the two tools.  I’m planning on planting beans there next week, after the new moon.  At the very bottom of the picture, I have my two (new) strawberry plants, mulched with wood shavings from my husbands wood shop.  I have read that deep mulching your garden is fabulous for weed control. I’m hoping these wood shavings will do the trick.  I think I might mulch the entire garden once the plants start growing.

The Garden is almost done


My front garden bed isn’t very exciting to look at now. I managed to get my carrots, beets and one row of onions planted.  The rest of the space will be for tomatoes.

That’s the update on the garden for this week….Hopefully, by the next update, I’ll have planted my tomatoes and cucumbers.

How about you? What are you planting in your garden this year?

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