Wellness Customer or Wellness Advocate ~ What’s the difference?

There have been some pretty big changes when it comes to joining doTERRA.  You now have an option to enroll as a Wellness Customer or a Wellness Advocate.

How should you join doTERRA? As a Wellness Customer or a Wellness Advocate?


Depending on your interest in doTERRA the difference may mean nothing, but it might mean a lot.

What is the difference between a Wellness Customer and a Wellness Advocate?

If you have decided to join doTERRA to use the products in your home, to improve the quality of your life, and have no interest in sharing with others, you will likely want to enroll as a Wellness Customer.

When you enroll as a Wellness Customer the person who you enroll with will know you are only wanting to use the products.  You will still be able to be a part of the Loyalty Reward Program and will be able to qualify for the Free Product of the Month. The only difference is that you cannot sign people up underneath you.

Remember you are only a user of the products. If you can see yourself sharing these products with others, you’ll want to consider signing up as a Wellness Advocate.

Think about this….

Your enrollment kit comes in the mail, you start using your oils and begin to see a lot of great benefits.   You are excited about your oils, and use them every chance you get.  Your best friend comes over for a visit and she mentions she has an upset stomach.


What do you think you would do?

Chances are you would probably offer her one of your essential oils. Maybe Peppermint, or ZenGest, depending on what you have.

Can you see where I’m going with this?

When the oils start working for you, it is only natural to start offering them to the people you care about.  And when you do that, they are going to want them too.

Signing up as a Wellness Advocate gives you the option to help your friends get their own wholesale membership.  You will also have the ability to earn money by sharing doTERRA with others.  This does not mean you have to, but you have the ability.

Of course, there is the opportunity to share doTERRA with the masses and earn a significant income while doing so.  If you would like to learn more about building a business with doTERRA please check out THIS PAGE.

So there you have it, the lowdown on the difference between a Wellness Customer and a Wellness Advocate.

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