Let’s Talk About Mental Health & Essential Oils

Mental illness can be a very hard topic to talk about, and I am so thankful that Bell is taking the initiative to bring this often silent illness to the forefront of conversation. Having gone through tough times myself, I know how hard it is to talk about what is going on inside your head. How hard it can be to go get help when you need it.

On the wings of Bell’s #BellLetsTalk campaign which aims to bring awareness to mental health issues, I thought it would be fitting share a bit of my history and to spotlight doTERRA’s Emotional Aromatherapy System.

This kit contains 6 different essential oil blends that can be used aromatically or topically to help balance and brighten changing moods, improving your mental health.

I’d like to preface the following by saying if you are in need of professional help, please go and talk to a doctor. I am not a health care professional, I’m not a doctor, have no initials after my name.  I am only a person who lives on this planet, who has gone through some pretty trying shit and has learned some tips and tricks along the way.

A few years ago, life was really rough. I was going a lot and I found myself unable to cope with my emotions. There were days when I didn’t want to get out of bed, followed by times of uncontrollable crying.  I knew I needed help.

I found myself in the doctor’s office explaining the situation I was going through.

I left that appointment with a prescription for anti-depressants.

Did the meds help? Yes, they did.

I was able to function again. Life resumed. But I noticed that after taking them for a while not only did they take the negative emotions away, they also took the positive emotions away too. I felt flat-lined, no highs or no lows. For anyone that knows me personally, knows that I can get quite excited sometimes. I like to believe that is what makes me, me. When I was on my meds that changed.  Everything was okay. Not good, not great, just ok.  Nothing excited me anymore. It started to feel like I wasn’t living life but I was just along for the ride.

I know that medication can be very effective, and very necessary and I do not, and would not judge anyone for being on medication that helped them improve their lives.  I sincerely believe that deep down we know what is best for us. If medication is what feels right, that’s ok. I knew I needed help, so I got it, but then I knew the help wasn’t helping me anymore, but rather holding me back.

After about a year of being on the anti-depressants, I decided that I was at a place in my life where I could handle these issues without meds.  I slowly took myself off of them, without the consult of my doctor. Not a smart choice, but he didn’t want to take me off of them, so I did it carefully, from what I read online.  I don’t recommend doing this, but I’m just being honest.

It was a few years later when I found out about essential oils, and the many different ways they can be used to improve not only our physical health as well.

Now when my mood gets low, or I’m on the brink of freaking out, I reach for my oils. Since I have started using them my mood has improved greatly. Overall I’m optimistic, happy, and in love with life. Such a change from a few dark years ago.

These oils are very easy to use.

 The kit comes with an emotional aromatherapy wheel to help you identify the emotion you might be feeling.  You would find your emotion on the wheel and then select the corresponding essential oil blend that is right for you. (You may find that two or more blends are appropriate to balance your varied emotions at any given moment.) The last step is to use the corresponding oils, either aromatically or topically, on your skin.

Our sense of smell exerts a great deal of influence over thoughts, memories, moods, emotions, and behaviors. Aromatherapy allows you to employ the olfactory power of plants, using their essential oils to enhance your emotional health. This line of blends makes emotional aromatherapy easy and accessible for anyone dealing with common negative emotions, or just wanting a boost of happiness, contentment, optimism and confidence.

If you would like to learn more about the science of how essential oils work in our brain this is a great article.

If you would like a 3rd party, scientific approach, I suggest you hop over to PubMed and search around. I searched for “essential oils anxiety” and found this article on the Effect of Lemongrass Aroma on Experimental Anxiety in Humans.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about sharing doTERRA with others is because when I needed help I didn’t know about essential oils, but knowing what I know now, I wish I did.  I am not passionate about selling oils, it is my goal to inform as many people as I can about these safe and natural options.

If you need help but know essential oils aren’t right for you right now, please contact your healthcare professional. You can also visit the Canadian Mental Health Association website.

If you would like to talk more about how you can use essential oils to improve your emotional well-being please contact me at sdstruss@gmail.com. Don’t be shy. I know it’s hard to ask for help sometimes, but you are worth it. You’ve only got this one life to live, you might as well make it the best that you can.

Peace & Love My Friends,

~ Sarah

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