A Clean Microwave in 5 Minutes Flat

It’s always a mothers joy when her children start doing things for themselves, isn’t it?

That joy lasts about until the time you open up the microwave and see the giant explosion of god-knows-what superglued to the inside. Like really? How’s that even possible? Was there even any food left on the plate? I don’t understand sometimes.


If I caught the culprit I can usually get them to wipe out the mess but you can be certain the top will be left untouched.  Thankfully I’ve got an easy, 5 minutes solution, that requires no scrubbing at all. This trick uses lemon essential oil which will make clean-up a breeze and take away that nasty odour.

5 Minutes to a Cleaner Microwave

5 minutes to a clean microwave using lemon essential oil

Alright guys, it’s super simple. All you need to do is fill a cup with water, add 5 drops of lemon essential oil, blast it in the microwave for 3 minutes.


5 drops of lemon essential oil

5 drops of Lemon Essential Oil

Once the timer goes off, let it sit for a minute and then take the cup out of the microwave. Careful here the water is pretty friggin’ hot. Now wipe out the mess with a wet cloth. It should come off easy-peasy.  While you’re wiping it out you will also get to enjoy the uplifting scent of lemon, which should make this tedious chore a little more bearable.


And that’s it. A clean microwave in less than 5 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, check out this post on my favourite ways to use lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Happy Cleaning,

~ Sarah


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