Day 17 ~ It’s been a long week

I have something to confess to you…I didn’t count them items that I got rid of this week.  I know, I know, I really should have, but once you see  the pictures, I think you might let me off.

The last time I counted my daily items was on Day 11 when I got rid of 17 items, which brought my total to 337 items donated.


This week, my girlfriend text me “Hey Sar, do you want me to come over on Wednesday and help you clean?”   You know you have a good friend when they offer to come help sort through your shit. Ha, but I guess that’s what friends are for, figuratively and literally.

So Wednesday night we tackled the storage room, which used to be my craft room, but it’s turned into a catch all storage room.  We kept our camping gear in here along with my craft supplies. And shoes, and old toys and basically just random shit that we don’t really use but can’t get rid of.  Are you ready for the before pictures?? Remember, this is REAL life here, so please be kind.
craft-room-2craft-room-3     craft-room


I know right! Tons of random shit. See the crutches in the first picture.  They aren’t ours. They came with the house when we bought it, 9 years ago!!

Wanna know a secret!! I got rid of most of it this week! I just got rid of it. I donated A LOT of craft supplies to my local thrift store and I think I filled up 6 garbage bags of crap that no one else would want. To the dump it goes!! Eek. It’s exciting, it’s freeing, it’s clean!

I have to say though, getting rid of my craft supplies was tough.  I’m crafty, artsy, I like to make. But what I realized is that although I like to make things, I really haven’t done so in a long time. Years maybe. So why am I holding on to all of these supplies that aren’t being used? Just in case.

Those three words are trouble.

Just. In. Case.

Just in case I need them at some point in the future? Who am I kidding, the reality is I would more than likely just run out to Michaels and buy whatever I needed anyway. So I got rid of them, making space for something new.

I did keep some sewing supplies, because pants need to be hemmed, and clothing mended.

I came to a standstill when it came to my yarn. I have 5 GIANT bags of yarn. All different colors, types, and weights. The problem is that Summer and Fall is not time for yarn, I crochet in the winter, and I don’t want to go through it now. My plan is to deal with it this winter when I am using it. Whatever I don’t use by Spring will be donated.  I’m going to be okay with that, I hope you are too.

Here are the after pictures… It’s not glorious, or beautiful, I know. I still need to put up some shelving and go through the big bucket of shoes but a person can only do so much right!

20160917_212430 20160917_212204 20160917_212228

And here’s what was donated. I’ll spare you the picture of the garbage bags that are headed to the dump.




For days 12-17 the total amount of items to be rid of is 87, so that is the number I am going to use, which bring my grand total to 424 items donated!

If you want to learn more about the 30 Day Minimalist Game check out my post here or the post at the Minimalist website here.

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