Day 6 ~ How Many Scarves Should a Person Own If They Don’t Wear Scarves?

The numbers are almost irrelevant at this point, as I peer into my closet and see all the clothes I don’t wear anymore. Today is Day 6 of my challenge and I’ve decided to tackle my closet. I’ve always had a hard time getting rid of something that “I might wear” but never do. The clothes that are super cute, but never leave the hanger. The cute little scarves that I bought while in Paris, that I wore once, when I was there.

The blue floral scarf is my “Paris ” scarf.


Going through my closet has made it blatantly obvious that in the past I hadn’t put much though into my shopping purchases. Considering I don’t actually wear scarves, (I hate the feeling around my neck) why on Earth would I buy, not one, but two of them while shopping in Paris? Because they were cute? Because I didn’t stop to think if I would actually wear them once I brought them home? What ever the reason was, I know that partaking in this challenge has opened my eyes to my needless consumption.

Since my husband joined me on this challenge today I can tell you that we were able to get rid of A LOT. It’s almost embarrassing to show you the amount of clothes that we will be donating.

hubbys donations

My husband’s donations

If you look at the picture above you can see the blue glow from my diffuser.  As processes like this can be overwhelming and tiresome, I love to diffuse my oils to help me along. Today I was diffusing Motivate. It smells lovely, like an orange creamsicle.  The description of Motivate is promising ~ Feelings of confidence and courage will replace negative emotions like guilt and pessimism. This is exactly what I needed today.

These are the pants that my husband got rid of yesterday. They are not included in today’s totals.

Shirts, dresses, jackets, scarves, all to be given away. I think I’ll keep the dog.


Dresses, sweaters, pants, hoodies, misc items. I’m keeping the little girl too. 🙂

hubby closet

My Husband’s Side. A little less overwhelming now.

my side

My side of the closet. I got rid of a lot today, but by the looks of the picture I’m not done. I’m hoping to thin it out again in a bit once the cooler weather hits.


These hangers once held the clothes we never wore.

Totals for the day –

16 scarves (This is the answer to the question in the title)
18 tank tops
7 belts
23 shirts
5 dresses/skirts
9 hoodies
4 pants
9 misc items

Husband’s totals for the day –

26 dress shirts
32 t-shirts
6 pants

Total for the day – 155
Total items donated to date – 261


It’s not about living with less, it’s about living with what you need.

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