Day 2 of the 30 Day Minimalist Challenge.

I posed this question to my Facebook friends today ~ How many pillowcases does a family of four need?

I pondered this question while I was cleaning out my linen closet. 

As you can see, my closet was filled to the brim. So full in fact, that the door wouldn’t close properly.

I tackled this closet today.

Perhaps I should have saved it for a day later in the month, when I’ll need to find 29 or 30 items to minimize, but saving it for later wasn’t an option. It needed to be done today. 

It was actually pretty easy to go through and categorize where these items needed to go and what needed to stay.

So how many pillowcases does a family of four need. While my Facebook peeps say 2-3 per pillow. I was able to donate 14 pillowcases, and still have enough for my family. WHY? Why do we own so many pillowcases? I believe I may have uncovered the answer today while cleaning out that closet.

When I see something that I like, I buy it and add it to the collection and the collection continues to grow. 

I seldom stop to ask myself whether we actually need it, because really, what’s one pretty pillowcase?

This may not pose a problem at first but what I realized tonight is if you don’t stop to get rid of the old ones every once in a while, that’s when clutter creeps in.

As of type this it seems so common sense, to get rid of what you don’t need or use. Perhaps that’s what makes it so hard, because it’s so easy.

I recently heard a phrase I am going to try to adopt.

“One in – one out”

Everytime you bring an item into your home, you must get rid of something else. 

This would end the problem of overflowing closets and too many pillowcases. 

Anyway, back to the closet.

I was able to find, are you ready for this, 57 items to donate, from the closet alone. THAT’S INSANE!! 

Here is a picture of the donation pile. 

Towels and blankets and sheets and candles and picture frames and God knows what else. All taking up space and serving no purpose. I even pulled a crib sheet out of there. My youngest is 8!! 
At least it is done now. I am able to close the door, and everything in the closet has a place to be and a purpose in our home.

I even have an empty shelf 😊

I’ve asked on Facebook and I’ll ask on here. Please don’t judge me for my mess. I’m trying to change, and the reason I’m posting about it online is to hold myself accountable and hopefully inspire someone else to live a more purposeful life, starting with what we keep in our home.

Until next time, 


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