DIY – Super Easy All Natural Bug Repellent

Bugs! Aaah! They drive me crazy! There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a peaceful evening outdoor a being attached by bugs.  Here in Manitoba it’s the mosquitoes that you have to worry about. I’ve heard them referred to as large chickens because sometimes they get that big! I am excited to share my recipe for my All Natural Bug Repellent with you.

We went camping to Black Lake Provincial Campground on May Long Weekend which is in Nopiming Provincial Park. Nopiming is the Anishinabe word for “entrance to the wilderness”.  It was our first time there and quickly became one of my favorite places.

Black Lake Campground

I’m So Excited!

I grew up in the country, and moved to the “big city” 17 years ago. Returning to the wilderness makes me feel at home. I love the smell, the peace and quite, the openness, the slow pace, and the connection that you’re able to get when you’re out in the wilderness. If I had the chance I would move to the middle of no where in a heartbeat.


Gorgeous Sunset

Anyway, back to the camping trip.  It took us just under 3 hours to get to Black Lake Campground, and when we were driving in, we new we were going to enjoy our weekend.We found our campsite and jumped out of the van, anxious to be back in nature.


Our Campsite

Well, the second we opened the door we were swarmed by black flies. I mean swarmed! The in your face, up your nose, buzzing in your ears swarmed. Ugh. They had the potential to put a serious damper on our weekend.

We had brought bug spray, but honestly I would rather be eaten by bugs, then spray myself with it, especially when I’m camping and have to sleep in a tent. I hate the smell, I hate the feeling, and also the taste, cause you know when you spray it some of it will end up in your mouth.

Before we left I had made an all Natural Tick Repellent to use on the dog while we were camping. Of course I brought my oils with me but since there was no wifi, and I didn’t have my oil books with me, I figured I would give the tick spray a shot.


Wouldn’t you know, IT WORKED! And not just a little bit it worked, like it really worked. I was so excited!!   I found that we needed to reapply fairly often depending on what we were doing, but that was okay because it smelled fantastic! I actually felt good putting it on and the delicious scent was totally uplifting.

I now call it Bug-B-Gone, my All Natural Bug Repellent. Another reason I love it is because now I’m not spraying my children down with harmful chemicals. That’s a win in my books.

We had such a great weekend. We went exploring up the Ancient Mountains Self Guiding Trail, caught a fish for supper, and even the caribou left us a present!

Caribou Poop!!

Caribou Poop!!

All Natural Bug Repellent

All Natural Bug Repellent

This all natural bug repellent not only works, it’s super easy as well. If you use this recipe I would love to hear what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo,  ~ Sarah

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