What the heck is a PV?

What is a doTERRA PV?

PV? LRP? OV? What does this all mean?

All of these acronyms can be quite confusing if you’re not sure what they mean. Let’s break it down for you. doTERRA™ gives all of their products a Point Value ~ A PV. See below, a 15ml bottle of Lavender has a PV of 22.50.

lavender pv

When you are placing your order, these points are added up, and may help you qualify to earn free products.  doTERRA often has a 200pv promo running. If you place an order that totals 200 points or more, you will earn the free product. (Frankincense is often given away in a 200pv promo in December!)

Below is a snippet of my order last month. The area highlighted grey shows you the Total Volume or Point Value of the items I ordered. Now doTERRA bases their Point Value for the products based on the oils that are in them, so not all products have a Point Value, and some products the Point Value will be much less than the cost. If you are ordering oils, the PV will be almost equal to the dollar amount.

monthly order


As you can see, my Total Volume is more than 200pv, and that was done on purpose on my part, because there was a 200pv promo.  I received the products highlighted in red for FREE!!

If you are enrolled in the Loyalty Rewards Program, your monthly PV total is what will keep you at your current earn-back level, it will allow you to earn commissions, and qualify you to earn free products. To learn more about the Loyalty Rewards Program click here.

OV refers to the Overall Volume of your team.  When you enroll someone, their PV is added to yours to create your OV. If you are building a business with doTERRA your OV helps you gain rank, and earn higher commissions. More about that in another post!

I hope I’ve been able to clear the fog. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below!


  1. How soon may I use my PV points?
    I earned quite a bit this week but it is showing 0 in the column in my cart..

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